How to Be a Magnet for Positive Thinkers

12 May

Don Loyd

As a sales professional, you know how important it is to stay positively focused. Your business is in constant change, which you might view negatively, and there are jerks with whom you have to deal, that sometimes make you want to take a dip of Copenhagen (YUK!).

Yet in your heart you know that a positive mindset is vital to your well-being and success.

Negative thinking, and associating with negative thinkers, will cripple your spirit and curtail your creativity. It also generates a black cloud that overshadows your life and makes you cynical.

Although I’m an unusually positive and optimistic person, I must confess in the interest of transparency, there are times I have negative thoughts and sometimes those thoughts lead me to negative emotional responses.

I know that we all have negative thoughts. But the important thing is how we react to them when they pop up and threaten our encouraging perspective.

Let me share some tips that help me break the negative thought processes that can so easily spiral out of control.

1. Negative thinkers are usually complainers. As a personal coach, I will tell you that if you are going to be a complainer, it would be better if you do nothing, i.e., don’t say anything at all.

When you recognize you are complaining, however, immediately stop and right away look for something positive to say. You can only think one thought at a time, so spend more time on the positive and you will have a life transformation.

There are times we get so caught up with all the bad stuff going on that we forget to look for, and appreciate, the good. After you finish reading this, make a written list of the positives in your life and the encouraging things that happened today no matter how tiny.

2. Everything you say negative about yourself is a mental suggestion that leads you to be comfortable with a lesser you. I have a psychologist friend who suggests that negative self talk is really a form of self hypnosis with which you sabotage your life, success, and happiness.

If you find yourself thinking, “Boy, I’m sure dumb,” stop and immediately recognize your error. Instead, rephrase it using positive self-talk. For example, “That’s not like me. I’m very capable. Next time I will do it differently.” According to my friend, this is also a form of self hypnosis. But this approach is much more positive for you and attaining your goals.

3. If you want to find solutions for your problems, a negative attitude is self defeating. You will not find them by looking for someone (or something) to blame because that doesn’t really address the real problem, which most of the time is you.

People will be naturally drawn to you if you take personal responsibility for your situation(s) and have a positive outlook on trials and challenges. Determine to be an inspiration to the people around you.

4. We all have heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” That principle is true of people with similar mindsets. Negative thinkers tend to attract more of the same because they feed off each other.

Conversely, positive thinkers attract people of a similar mindset. Which do you attract? For which would you prefer to be a magnet?

My challenge to you is very simple. Realize that your thoughts don’t own you – you are in charge of what you think.

It may take real work on your part, but you will benefit and be in a better position to enjoy success in your business, relationships, and spiritual life when you replace your negative words with positive ones.

As a bonus, your life will be enriched because you will be drawn to positive and uplifting people.

Now, be a positive person so you can be a magnate for positive thinkers.

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