Is Money and Wealth Just an Idea?

13 May

Don Loyd

“Money is just an idea.” I like that quote and it’s something I believe! 

Recently a friend challenged my thinking when I used it: “That may be the dumbest thing you have ever said. ‘Money is just an idea’ is simply baloney,” he said. “There is no way having an idea will pay the rent or put gas in the car.”

I read a book that caught my attention several years ago. At the time, it was relatively new in the market place and the first of several books in a series. The little known author was Robert Kiyosaki and the book was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” It was he who used that statement and caught my attention.

Can money and wealth be just one idea away? Is it one idea away for a Real Estate Agent?

Yes, it can be and I will share with you principles from which you can find that to be true.

First, however, I want you to understand what it does not mean: You will not find $100,000 in cash on your nightstand when you wake up one morning with a great idea or two.

 Nope – won’t happen!

Here are four foundational principles you need to build upon if you want to experience, in the shortest amount of time, that “money is just an idea”:

1. Good personal relationships – I’ve never seen anyone bring up the subject of good relationships in this context. But good personal relationships with your spouse and/or close friends are needed and a in fact a huge help.

We are beings that need others. Without this ingredient you will always be looking for something more because you instinctively know something is missing. Besides, people in your sphere of relationships may help fund and/or market your idea.

2. Good social skills – We do not succeed in a vacuum. Social skills will help you make contacts that can help transform your idea into a reality.

“Networking” is a trendy word now, but it’s also a needed thing. One theory suggests that you are only six people removed from someone who has what you need. Do you need money, information, ideas, support, or any other thing? Good social networking skills will open doors that will provide answers you require.­­

The good news is, networking can be learned. One way you can accomplish this is to form a master mind group with whom you meet on a regular basis. This group of can offer support and information on your quest for success. Such a group has been a great experience for me and have permitted me to make business moves in a more timely fashion because they had experiences that aided my development.

There are books available on the subject of net working that can help you become more of a social networking person, too. Pick up two or three and get some good ideas on how to build social contacts and turn those social contacts into assets. Then, put into action what you learn.

One book you may want to consider is “Networking Magic” by Rick Frishman. Ivan Misner wrote “The World’s Best Know Marketing Secret, 2nd Edition: Building Your Business with Word-of-Mouth.” Make the time to visit your local library or order a book(s) on as soon as you can. You’ll not be sorry.

3. Spiritual Balance – This area of our lives is often overlooked or avoided in much of the information written on the subject of success.

Here’s rock-solid truth: When we are out of balance spiritually, we start believing that we are the center of the universe and everything revolves around us. That kind of thinking leads to an empty, shallow existence. Or, we start believing we are unworthy of anything good. The latter will result in lack of effort and a lack of motivation to move forward.

We are spiritual beings and benefit from time scheduled for spiritual “exercise” – just like we do from physical exercise. How will you build “spiritual biceps,” and develop a more balanced life, without focused effort for spiritual equilibrium? You may contact me if you want to learn more about this.

4. Financial basics – Turning your ideas into money will take some basic understanding of accounting and how money works. When I started my first brick and mortar business at the age of 20, I didn’t know if I had $5 or $500.

My advice to anyone wanting financial success is, at a minimum, take a local community college course (or self directed study) on basic accounting principles. There are also accounting software packages available that will assist you keeping good books, too.

After a solid foundation is constructed, you can build on it by gaining specific information, building a solid business model, and developing marketing know-how – all of which are subjects for other written pieces.

Money is just an idea away. But, you have to get in gear and go to work by defining in writing what you want to accomplish. Then, describe what you have to do to get there. After that, break down your goals into daily activity and DO the activity each day.

Kiyosaki also wrote: “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” As you move forward, you will need to make adjustments as new problems and disappointments pop up – and they surely will.

Ultimately, if you work smart, you can realize your dreams by turning your ideas into money.

Now go make your dreams come true.

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